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The Management Drives Concept

The theory of Management Drives is derived from the studies of Professor Clare W. Graves based on theory of Carl Jung and Maslow. Management Drives is unique because it makes a connection between Individual leadership, Team development and Organizational development and culture.

Management Drives turns insights – which previously were regarded as “soft” or specifying “feelings” – into something concrete. An understanding of drives is essential if you wish to develop yourself and if you want to make a difference to your team and/or organisation. Drives actually provide insight into why you are thinking, doing and experiencing, and what you are actually thinking, doing and experiencing. And as soon as you can recognise and understand what really drives and motivates you, it will be possible to determine how you are at work. In addition it will show you that those drives and motivations may differ from those of your colleagues. In fact, your behaviours, observations, motivations to actually do – or not to do – something, your energizers, your communication and collaboration style and your decision-making process are all, to a large extent, based on and determined by your drives. Drives, and the different combination of drives in each cooperation, determine how people get along with each other and determine how team spirit develops. It will answer questions such as “Do we understand each other?”, “Do we complement each other?”, or “Do we foresee conflicts between any team members?”

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Emerge Consulting will deliver and facilitate an interactive, intensive and inspiring meeting based on drives and motivations. The meeting will take a practical approach and provide insights into one’s own drives, and those of others/colleagues. Previously soft and intangible factors become visible and explicit. This reinforces mutual commitment and cooperation and increases the chances of successful functioning of the team, and of the organisation as a whole. Group processes like recognition, interaction and mutual acceptance will create an open atmosphere and encourage mutual bonding within the team. As a result, employees will be more energized and will find more pleasure in their work.


Essentially, every person has a blend of the six Management Drives colours in his or her personal profile. However, the sequence and intensity of individual drives and motivations are different for each person. The drives of Management Drives are distinguished by six different colours (see the matrix above):

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  • Logic: What drives you and what is the sequence of these drives?

  • Rejection: What behaviour or culture irritates you?

  • Energy Balance: What energizes or drains your energy?

  • Mindset: How do you behave under pressure? What are the potential pitfalls?


  • Group Logic: What are the potential strengths and pitfalls or the group?

  • Diversity: Is there enough diversity within your team?

  • All Plus: What and how will the team gain energy?

  • All Minus: What and how will the team lose energy?

Management Drives: Services


The Management Drives Mobile App is available for all participants who have completed the survey. This unique app enables individuals to interpret a MD profile of themselves, someone else and teams. This will aid them in developing their personal leadership. One can access this information on their Smartphone on-the-go, anytime and everywhere.

  • Profile: Shows your personal profile

  • Connections: Shows how your profile differs from another person

  • Teams: Shows the profile each Team you have created

  • Settings: Tour of app, FAQs, your details, profile settings

  • Method: All about the MD methodology

  • Tips: Start developing personal leadership and practice behaviour that suits a drive.

The “Connections” and “Teams” is expandable when new contacts are made or when new teams are formed.

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Prior to the meeting, the participants are asked to complete the Management Drives assessment, which is a short Survey taking about 20 minutes to fill-in. Every participant will receive a secured link by e-mail to access the Survey via the web. It is important to note that the Survey is not a test; it is not judgmental and there is no good or bad, and no right or wrong.

After completion of the Survey by all the participants, Emerge Consulting will analyse and interpret the results and will generate a clear overview of all the results to be presented during the meeting.

The most important results of the Management Drives meeting will be:

  • The participants have a clear understanding of their own communication styles, based on their drives;

  • The participants know how understanding drives might help them in their daily conversations with colleagues and with external partners;

  • The participants know what their roles and responsibilities are during collaboration;

  • The participants will recognise the drives and behavioural patterns shown by their colleagues, and be better able to respond to those words and behaviours properly;

  • Greater mutual understanding, as well as better cooperation and communication style, among the participants as a result of having clear insight in the drive patterns of oneself and the drives of others. In addition teambuilding also receives a strong impetus;

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