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For business leaders, Strategy begins with envisioning the organisation of tomorrow. Oftentimes, challenging decisions have to be made based on thoughtful foresight, data-driven insights and sheer gut instinct. And what about aligning the entire management team on the new strategy and direction?

Emerge is there at every step – providing senior leaders with the advice and facts required to make quality choices, proven tools for navigating and managing buy-in for change, as well as effective programs targeted at embedding strategy into the hearts and minds of the organisation.



  • Strategy development and articulation with C-suite and senior management

  • Design and review of Mission/Vision/Values (MVV)

  • Management retreats and business facilitation 

  • Blue ocean strategy 

  • Capital and M&A advisory

  • Pre-IPO preparation/acquisition readiness

  • Post-merger integration/restructuring

  • JVs, alliances, new business models

  • Start-up consultancy



  • Customised Xcelerator Programmes

  • Intrapreneur leadership programmes

  • Innovation education and certification

To speak with one of our experienced and professional consultants, please leave your contact details with us! We will get back to you shortly.

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