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In today's competitive environment, businesses must adopt effective structures and

processes to adapt rapidly to evolving customer needs and expectations.

Our "Organisation" stream of solutions helps our clients do just that, where we partner and

help companies stay ahead and differentiate themselves. The Emerge approach is tried,

tested and proven, to be an integral part of our clients' success.



  • O2O diagnostic tool

  • Service vision & strategy

  • Omnichannel strategy

  • Digital transformation

  • Customer insights, personas and segmentation

  • Journey mapping & customer experience design

  • Job redesign

  • Service training and coaching

  • Customer experience management & measurements

  • Service culture building

Our extensive experience in this area has led to the authorship of our very own customer experience book, From Oblivious to Obsessed.  



  • Organisation design criteria

  • Lean startup

  • Organisation structure design and alignment

  • Operational processes

  • Role clarification and negotiation

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Organisation: Services
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