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Bernadette has worked in multi-national companies for more than 25 years. During her 18 years progressing from a first-level manager to senior director, Bernadette has continuously achieved stellar results and accolades for the various organizations she worked with. Her forte is in crafting compelling strategies, keen execution, developing teams by instilling a learning culture and collaborating by building trust with key stakeholders.

Having successfully built and led Asia Pacific and Global teams in various functions, she understands the challenges faced by leaders and the nuances of diverse cultures in the corporate setting. Leveraging on her wealth of experience, Bernadette brings new perspectives and insights in developing strategies, organizations and people with her clients.

With deep knowledge and experience in Sales which is frontline customer-facing and in Global Supply Chain which is backend support, she comprehends how things work end-to-end related to suppliers, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and the consumers. She brings immense value in helping organizations connect the dots across the company.

Bernadette is passionate about grooming women leaders. In her previous company, she led a group comprised of women managers and high potentials for more than three years. This has accelerated their career progression and nurtured more women leaders in the process.

Bernadette Ho: Client
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