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Based in Singapore, Mr. Pang is a Senior Coach who coaches exclusively for Emerge’s clients in Singapore, Asia Pacific and Greater China. He is effectively fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Over his lifetime and career, Mr. Pang has held multiple appointments at the Senior-Director and President/CEO level.

He retired from his last-held executive position as President/CEO, CPG Corporation in April 2012. It is worth mentioning that he had held the same position from 2005-2008, and again from 2011-2012. From May 2012, Mr. Pang was appointed Director of CPG. 

Mr. Pang’s other senior appointments include:

  • Director, Singapore-Sichuan Investment Holdings, Sino-Singapore (Chengdu) Innovation Park Development Co., Senior Advisor, Singbridge Corporate Pte Ltd – Oct 2012 to Feb 2015

  • President, Downer Australia (Asia Region) – Sep 2008 to Feb 2011

  • Supervisor Director, Board of Supervisors for China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park – since 2008

  • Director, China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park – 2005

Mr. Pang has also been an Independent Director of CNA Group Ltd., an Singapore Stock Exchange listed company since 2011.

Pang Toh Kang: Client
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