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Winifred has more than 10 years of management consulting and in-house HR experience, specializing in organization change, leadership and team development, strategy formulation and articulation, as well as market research. With regional experience under her belt, she has lived and worked in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China (Shanghai and Beijing, where she is currently based and manages the firm’s practice).

As a credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF, Winifred is a true people-developer at heart. Aside from executive coaching, she is also recognized as an expert in training and facilitation. She has designed and delivered numerous customized workshops as Chief Facilitator for many of our client’s organization-wide engagements, and is known for her motivating personality, ability to make learning stick and consistently-positive participant feedback.

When put together, all of Winifred’s specializations create a unique blend of strengths and experiences. In a world where a growth mindset and learning organizations are ever-important, she takes this attitude and philosophy with her wherever she goes.

Winifred Lim: Client
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