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Winni has more than 10 years of working experience in production operations, customer service and consulting.

Based in our Suzhou office, Winni is mainly responsible for the management of training and consulting projects, assisting in pre- and post-programme follow-through to promote the better use of tools and knowledge points. She is a reliable support for our Performance Enablement Programme (PEP), leadership, coaching and other projects.

Winni is also involved in the design and implementation of some of our team development workshops, which are centred around building sustainable corporate cultures, cascading core values, adapting to change and/or other targeted team issues and challenges.

Clients who have interacted with Winni have shared that she is an authentic and sincere individual, filled with passion and enthusiasm for her work. She always wears a bright smile on her face and is a true pleasure to work with!

Winni Yang: Client
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