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In addition to being a Director with Emerge Consulting, Xiaoru (XR) is a PCC-credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation. Currently, she has clocked more than 800 hours of coaching experience with raving feedback from her coachees. Some of her clients in this space include Diploma China, Mflex China, Qorvo Beijing, Thermofisher China, Genwiz China and Qiagen, amongst others.

In addition to being an established coach, XR possesses over 20 years of manufacturing and consulting experience. She has designed numerous intervention-based leadership and team workshops for her clients, customizing and incorporating these programmes with coaching elements for sustainable change. Some of the workshop topics include Leading Self, Connecting to Others, The Leader As Coach, Leading Teams (NASA 4D Team Development) etc. Through her expertise and inside-out approach, she has enabled many of her participants to truly transform and become effective leaders and coaches.

XR has also acted as a trusted mentor for departmental managers in different organizations. She has driven and participated in various competency modelling projects, research-based interventions, as well as other programmes related to culture assessments and building, values and behaviours articulation and Mission-Vision-Values cascading workshops. She is a believer of people development and stays true to her passion.

Xiaoru Zhou: Client
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